I live in London. I am a full-stack developer who is specialized in creating dynamic and beautiful web and mobile apps. I have been developing web, desktop, mobile applications since I was 17.

I am a big believer in simplicity, and I am passionate about the web. My professional mission is not to be an “individual contributor”, but a key individual who succeeds in maximizing the contributions and ROI of the entire team.

Open Source contributor to Firefox OS, Chef, nodeJs, Rails, Hortonworks and other free software. I can found at Hackathons, tech meet ups.

  • Education: Master of Science in Computer Systems and Software Engineering. The University of Edinburgh, UK.
  • Work: Currently developer at Openbet Ltd, UK.
  • Fun: Outside of technology I love playing cricket, badminton and I am an avid hiker and runner. Often found at 10k runs and definitely at charity runs.

Following are my areas of expertise

  • Design and building RESTful web services.
  • Certified Professional Scrum Master level I (PSM I)
  • Problem solving & debugging.
  • Build automation, continuous delivery.
Past jobs include working as a developer at Peekabu Studios Limited, UK, developing products and prototypes that can track markers(augmented reality) based on computer vision technologies (OpenCV, Processing, Java and others).

Buzzwords: NodeJs, AngularJS, ExpressJs, Ruby, RoR, RequireJs, JavaScript functional & OO, MongoDB, TDD, REST, MVC.